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Thread: 1944 U models

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    1944 U models

    Did all 1944 U navy bikes have an anchor in the engine VIN?

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    Re: 1944 U models

    Supposedly not, popular opinion sez some repair depots, but not all, applied the anchor, but who knows for sure... A friend has two 44 U models, neither has an anchor.

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    Re: 1944 U models

    Thanx,The one my customer has came from Rock Island police dept,bought in 1948,by his dad & uncle.They had 3 for sale.He thought they had to be Navy but with civilian fenders it looks like police to me.It does not have an anchor anywhere.It looks like mostly correct parts for 44 except repro horn,air cleaner,toolbox,that he installed.Also has dog bones & '49-'53 bars/controls,probably installed by his uncle.The only thing police or military on it is the luggage rack.

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    Re: 1944 U models

    Does anyone have a picture with the anchor?

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    Re: 1944 U models

    44U was available to police and civil defense stateside and would not have an anchor. I have a '41U that has an anchor and a few other military ID numbers and marks. Also has a M-58. Seadub

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    Re: 1944 U models

    I have a 44U without any service or South Afrikaan MoD markings. The OZ font of knowledge SBT may have a list as mine is in the 1680 range as the highest #.

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    Re: 1944 U models

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    Re: 1944 U models

    I have photos of eight 44U SNs that appear authentic. I don’t know who the bikes were originally built for but none have an anchor in the SN. I know of another five 44U SNs that may be authentic although at least one of these five bikes was for South Africa. Anyway, again no anchors.

    In Palmer’s 32–52 military FE and SE he said some, not all, US Navy bikes had an anchor somewhere in the motor number and that apparently it was done at the local level of some of the US Navy’s Bureau of Yards and Docks such as Port Hueneme, California.

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    my 43 U have anchor before and after sidecar's numbers,but not on the engine...

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    Re: 1944 U models

    Great stuff everybody.THANX.The guy thought this was navy because he had no clue that police could actually buy them in '44.I believe they were police models not navy because of the fenders.I have seen old pics of this bike from 1983[stored since '63] when he got it out of his uncles barn.It had skirted fenders then.I helped sell a '44 knuck that also had skirted fenders a few years ago.I have not worked on this bike,just doing an insurance appraisal for him.The trans has 3 stamped on trans lid.The back end of the trans case has 0---sideways F---4 [on the rear,top to bottom of the raised boss for the adjuster] is 4 speed now?I see the reference to police 3 speed in Robbie's data!
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