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    skull dash


    i am looking for a skull dash without the holes for Dimmer and tripmeter. Anybody an idea where I can get one ( yes - repro is ok (at first)

    Thanks !


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    Re: skull dash

    Try Jeff's American Classics. Dundee, Oregon

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    Re: skull dash

    You won't find it repopped. Thirty-sevens are available, with round holes that you patch shut with a brazing torch to make a 36EL-only cover.
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    Re: skull dash

    cant we call the Taiwanese or Chinese producer to make a few without holes? :-))

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    Quote Originally Posted by knuckuwe View Post
    cant we call the Taiwanese or Chinese producer to make a few without holes? :-))
    Morning i found a corect for my 36 i can sale my Repop 37 to you its in germany

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    Re: skull dash

    Hey!! I have no idea who this guy is but he just posted this on instagram so I took some screen shots....
    his phone number is in the first pic Dillon 1-906-239-0353

    Again I do not know him or how much he is asking.... just says trade for chopper

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