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Thread: 63-65 Handshift Gas Tanks

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    63-65 Handshift Gas Tanks

    Looking to trade (or buy) OEM 63-65 tank shift gas tanks. Have OEM 51-53 footshift tanks in very good to excellent condition. No paint on outside, only primer. Insides are really clean. If it will help I will include the emblems, screws, gas shut-off rod. One emblem has "DL AULD" *(manufacturer name) on the back; can't find it on the other.

    Either reply here or send me an email [email protected]


    Dave N

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    Re: 63-65 Handshift Gas Tanks

    Just an update but still looking. Figured I should post some pics up of what I have to offer up. When I dug the tanks out I saw that one of the mounting tabs had beed welded so obviously the excellent staus is out the door. (Condition is a relative term as we all know. Some will see these as good; others as junk and offer to take them off my hands for pennies on the dollar). Had these since the Summer of 1990 and got them for a Pan project (57 frame/'58 motor) that never went anywhere (life happened instead). Figured I needed to remove the primer and see what else I might find. In addition to the tab repair there had been some bondo on the tanks in a couple of areas. Above the left emblem mounts was a large section and I couldn't figure how a tank could be damaged in that spot. Looked inside and saw what appeared to be the mounts for a hand shifter. Out comes the propane tourch and off goes the bondo. Find out that these are hand shift and not foot shift. Holes are clean, threads good and shift gate mounts up perfectly.

    So here are some pics of what I have to offer up for trade.

    Also posting up on some other forums to try and get the word out. Thanks.

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    Re: 63-65 Handshift Gas Tanks

    ...and continuing

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