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Thread: 2020 Vegas auctions

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    2020 Vegas auctions

    Mecum is holding the 2020 auction at South Point Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV. Auction begins January 21, 2020 and runs through January 26.
    The Bonhams auction is 23 Jan 2020 at the Las Vegas Caesar's Entertainment Studios.
    The Bonhams catalog has not been released, I will post more when released.

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    Re: 2020 Vegas auctions

    There is a reclusive guy who owns a 40EL that is being offered, you likely have never seen this bike before.
    Here is some history -

    January 9, 2014 sold=$159

    February 1, 2019 bid=$205k reserve not met

    January 21, 2020 offered for for sale

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    Re: 2020 Vegas auctions

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    Re: 2020 Vegas auctions

    Here is an Indian neon sign that is being offered.
    I prefer the original signs, this one has been restored.
    Previous signs have sold in the $10k to $50k range.

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    Re: 2020 Vegas auctions

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    Re: 2020 Vegas auctions

    I'd take the Cleveland over the '40 Knuck any day of the week, however the Cleveland is a 1927 at the earliest due to the front brake, valanced fenders, etc. The first Cleveland 4s were probably late 1925, and they were of the infamous T head design, and used many of the same chassis components as their better known 2 strokes. Thanks for posting 1950panhead.

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    Re: 2020 Vegas auctions

    Greenie has gone from "most likely repainted bright green early in it's life" to the most original custom ordered machine on the planet.....

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    Re: 2020 Vegas auctions

    Quote Originally Posted by 1950panhead View Post
    There is a reclusive guy who owns a 40EL that is being offered, you likely have never seen this bike before.
    Reclusive...??? Maybe when a warrant has been issued.

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    Re: 2020 Vegas auctions

    I have decided I have many more motorcycles than I want or have the time to care for.

    After long discussions with both Mecum and Bonhams I will be offering a number of very nice and rare classic motorcycles in Las Vegas through Bonhams.

    A lot of old racebikes and a few others. Still finalizing which ones to let go and which ones to keep.
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    Re: 2020 Vegas auctions

    there will be a Crocker too , hasn't been advertised yet

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