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Thread: Panhead Neck Lock replacement

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    Panhead Neck Lock replacement

    I had to replace the neck lock on my '48 frame recently after powercoating melted it (wish I'd known that beforehand). I found plenty of references to replacement units and getting the roll-pin out, etc, but no real step by step stuff. So I thought I'd post this. If you had to get the rollpin out and preserve the lock, well that's not this post, and good goddamn luck.

    1) I can't imagine trying to get the roll pin out first, and there's replacement locks available, so just drill and bust the old lock out (just careful not to damage the bore in the frame).
    2) the roll pin can then be driven IN and then pulled out with pliers from inside the bore with relative ease. You'll probably need the forks off for this.
    3) with a screwdriver, compressed air, and penetrating fluid you can work the pin in the frame clean and sliding easily.

    1) buy lock and rollpin.
    2) insert and test fit lock and function (it should be a loose fit in bore). i had to do a little cleanup of boogers in the frame bore with a dremmel and emory cloth.
    3) insert and align lock (hold the lock in place and test everything by turning the key), and mark installed location (masking tape and marker), then mark the hole in the frame where rollpin will be (alternatively you could just drill with the lock while in frame, BUT the depth is critical, and most drill bits will be too short to keep your drill head off the frame for the right angle, and you can't have forks on). So, I think it's easiest to do step 4 (remove the lock and drill on the bench).
    4) now remove and drill hole in lock for roll pin with a #41 .096" bit (NOT TO DEEP).
    5) insert and align lock into frame again (with marks made on masking tape in step 3).
    6) install roll pin. With the forks off, there's enough room to hit the pin with a suitable drift or punch.
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  3. Re: Panhead Neck Lock replacement

    If the rollpin is replaced with a set screw, the lock can be easily removed and future owners won't curse you.

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    Re: Panhead Neck Lock replacement

    After removing the original lock, I tapped out the existing pin hole for a set screw and added another at about 5 o'clock. Pointed the screws to hold the lock. A drop of black enamel hides the screw. Depth of lock is important for lock to work correctly so adjustment with set screws before final tightening can be done. Also its an easy replacement if necessary. Just my 2 cents, Gary

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    Re: Panhead Neck Lock replacement

    Nice work and explanation on fixing your neck lock.

    Never realized that the heat from powdercoating would do that to a lock.

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    Re: Panhead Neck Lock replacement

    Yes. Looks like nice work and lots of it.
    But after all that... isn't that a '56/'57 style lock?

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    Re: Panhead Neck Lock replacement

    It is but good luck finding a correct early style lock. In 20 years I've only found 3 NOS ones.

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    Re: Panhead Neck Lock replacement

    After many words with the powder coater (and believe me we had many), they said this is a normal thing they see when they do "burn off", which they only do for really dirty stuff to get the oil out at a higher temperature.

    As for how correct the lock is, it is not absolutely correct. But I am not going for a points restoration, nor did I find any better options for replacement.

    The purpose of this post was nothing more then to give some details about one way of replacing the lock, that I couldn't find when I was researching it.
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