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    i changed my front sprocket from 23 to22 tooth when doin my knuckle trans. i have rear wheel off of 197? . what would i have to change the rear sprocket to to get back to the same ratio . way easier to change rear than front as you probability know. i now have 51 teeth on rear. 50 teeth? 49? thanks

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    Re: sprockets

    I dont think you have different rear sprockets avail on market
    51 is standard and all I have seen
    drum is big enaugh to not allow smaller sprocket....


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    Re: sprockets

    To get same ratio you would need a 48.78 tooth on rear, so a 49 tooth would get you pretty close.

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    Re: sprockets

    RCamp thanks for that info. marcina, also thanks for your reply, wheel is off of a 197? like super glide and has disc brakes not drum, thanks

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