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Thread: 45" WL information please

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    45" WL information please

    Looking at picking up a 48 WL, whats the market like for these right now? I know for sure it needs the correct coil and a front fender. It runs good, not too crusty but original so whats a fair value??
    Also whats the difference in front fenders from a WL to the big twin?

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    Re: 45" WL information please

    Mostly original $15k, more if original paint, less if modified or many reproduction parts.
    Knuckle and wl front fenders are the same, braces differ.

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    Re: 45" WL information please

    Without actual pictures of the machine it is hard to put a value on it. You have been given a good baseline figure but pictures tell the story. Factory WL front fenders have different rivets in the forward holes of the lower mounting plate and are flush not domed like a BT, a quick way to ID a loose fender.
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