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Thread: EARLY 42WLC build

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    EARLY 42WLC build

    Hey guys my name is Rich and Im new to the forum. I started this build in Sept on g503 but was told about this site and that I would probably get better feedback and info here, so Im going to post a bunch right off the bat to get caught up to where Im at on my bike.

    I just picked up the very early 42WLC built from what I can tell Aug-Sept of 1941. I've wanted a war era bike for so long and until I found this one I didn't think it would happen for a very long time. The story on this bike from what I was told is that it was owned by an old man for a very long time, he passed and his grandson sold the bike to who I got it from. When the bike was sold supposedly it was still OD green, then it was torn apart and the new owner powder coated the frame and fork black (which I'm about to strip). Luckily most of the original parts have stayed with the bike over the last 78 years. After taking inventory on the boxes and crates, I'm missing some clutch and brake parts, tail light housing, crash bars, horn cover, cover of the cat eye dash, and blackouts (If anybody is holding 42wlc parts let me know!). A buddy of mine that is building an early 42WLA had an extra copy of the Bruce Palmer book so I've been doing research on the correct parts for my year.

    So after bringing it home the first thing I did was tear her down to see how the ol gals guts looked and Im very happy with how the motor and trans feels

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    Re: EARLY 42WLC build


    Check this site out, the bike build is by a friend of mine Paul Andrews.

    and this one:

    I would like to suggest that you register also at the S&S Cycle forum, tons of good info there as well as here.

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    Re: EARLY 42WLC build

    thanks! I just found that Paul A build on s&s the other night and was in awe!!! definitely saved for future info!

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    Re: EARLY 42WLC build

    more parts that came with

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    Re: EARLY 42WLC build

    finished stripping down the frame and fork then got out a can of JASCO paint stripper and went to town on the frame, fork, wheels, and bars. After it set for about 15min I put some layers on and got out my trusty wire wheels that go on the 4 1/2 hand grinder.... a few hours later, the frame is clean and the fork is almost done. I'm so glad I ended up taking the time to do this. The frame has so much more detail now in the castings, joints and welds. I saw a cool pic online of a 2x4 wood stand that you could assemble the entire bike except footboards and made one, and then a motor and trans stand to keep those safe

    Also while taking apart the fork and checking in my BP book my bike has the original springer with smooth big twin rockers! An early 42 only part

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    Re: EARLY 42WLC build

    Sorry if I post too many pics, searching online and looking at other peoples projects for reference always helps me out a ton so I take a ton of pics and upload a lot to help others. Here is a part that I got with my bike and recently fixed. The seat T that was on the bike when I got it was the later military T but it did come with the correct early welded non machined style but it was in very rough condition. I cut it the welds off and was able to clean them up enough to get to the original base metal, then using my other T to make new plates. After that I ordered the seat clevis rivet from waybackwheels and made a quick jig to hold everything straight while hammering the rivets.

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    Re: EARLY 42WLC build

    Loving it !!!!

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    Re: EARLY 42WLC build


    Me too!


  9. Re: EARLY 42WLC build

    Good stuff, thanks for posting. Paul's guide for rebuilding a 3 Speed 45 transmission is the Bible for that work. I used that extensively with a little cross reference with Palmer and the FSM. Good luck, keep us posted.
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    Re: EARLY 42WLC build

    Nice bike!
    You should be very glad some parts are still with this bike, cos that tall airfilter is a white raven nowadays..$$$$!
    In 1941 several 45"-models came off the productionline, so it is hard to pinpoint the exact date when this bike rolled off.
    Keep us updated with pics please!

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