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Thread: 45" Harley Davidson Rigid Fork

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    45" Harley Davidson Rigid Fork

    I have a 45" Springer with 7/8" neck and with big twin rockers. It also has some crude brazing/welding on each side of the lower bridge. The welding is on both side of the neck stem and the front and back of that same bridge. If have seen a few other forks like this in the past. What was the purpose of the 4 extra crude welds. Not sure if someone may have modified and put the Big Twin rockers on. Thanks

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    Re: 45" Harley Davidson Rigid Fork

    '41-'57 Servicars run BT rockers & BT front brake. Doc

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    Re: 45" Harley Davidson Rigid Fork

    Don't forget the WLC's that the big twin forks. Cheers Leigh

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    Re: 45" Harley Davidson Rigid Fork

    The crude welds added to the lower crown plates was a factory modification for strength. It began sometime in the '40s but without researching I can't say off the top of my head.
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