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Thread: 1948 Indian Chief Oil Pump Gears

  1. 1948 Indian Chief Oil Pump Gears

    I have a 1948 Chief that started wet sumping and quit returning oil back to the tank while running. I re-seated a new check ball and spring and the wet sumping was cured, but still no returns. The oil pump is pumping by signs of plenty of oil in the sump after running, and some good smoke. I have primed the pump through the return line and also by rolling the bike backwards in 2nd gear, but still no returns. All five oil pump gears look good and when manually turned, I can hear and feel suction within the oil pump body. Other than making sure the metering gear is in the correct place, the keys are in place, and measuring the gear thicknesses, is there any other tests/inspections I should be making while things are apart. This time apart, I will also check the reed valve and ball to make sure I'm not loosing any pressure there. Just wondering if anybody has had the same problem or has any solutions or ideas. Thanks for any help in advance.

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    Try filling the return tube in the tank with some oil, start it, and see if that helps.

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    Just an update for anyone who is scratching their head over this one. Thanks to a "Performance Indian" article on-line, I have discovered that I have a set of 13 tooth Starklite 348 gears in a 648 (Base Scout) oil pump body, inside a 348 oil pump housing on my 348 Indian Chief. When this pump was rebuilt, somebody didn't notice the subtle difference between the two oil pump bodies. This incorrect oil pump did work for a short while but quickly scored the 648 oil pump body from the steel 348 gears. I'm waiting for a call back from Performance Indian who kindly has said he will provide me with some guidance.

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    Just to clear things up, I was wrong about the pump bodies being switched out. The gentleman at "Performance Indian" set me straight about several things and now I have a clear direction on how to get the oil pump working again. Sorry for any inconvenience regarding this thread.

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