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Thread: VL gas tank solder

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    Re: VL gas tank solder

    They are all selling their own products with their own comments on the benefits of their product.
    I sometimes use a google search for " best heat resistant putty review" Get some real life comments.
    It still won't save your paint if you pump too much heat into your tank.

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    Re: VL gas tank solder

    I've used a product by Nu-Calgon called Thermo Trap when repairing a cracked oil tank on a Triumph. I built a dam of the paste around the work area and covered the rest of the tank with a wet cloth. I brazed the crack and did no damage to the protected paint and decals. The solder you are using will flow at a much lower temp than braze so it should work.

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    Re: VL gas tank solder

    Quote Originally Posted by aumick10 View Post
    I have used torches and heavy copper soldering irons to do fuel tank repairs. A soldering iron seems to transfer less total heat into the parent metal than a torch, but this is very much dependent on the operators ability. There is more likelihood of damaging paint with an unwieldy torch operator.

    Use a good clean wire brush during the cleaning re-tinning process. Often you need to completely remove the bracket to get the underside of the bracket clean. If it has come loose, and you don't remove it, you will only be putting new solder over the outside of the bracket that you are able to reach.

    If you are uncomfortable in doing this process safely, take it to a radiator shop.
    Good luck on whichever way you go.
    Iron is for sure much more forgiving than torch
    just this particular element will be extremely hard to do with
    iron due to its geometry

    thats why I suggested torch

    my idea is that it can be done without unsoldering whole bracket
    if you unsolder it
    its better to remove it, clean, tin and solder back again as Aumick10 said
    but this will fu.k much more paint

    easiest way to get rid of vapor is flush tank with solvent and fill it with water
    it will also minimise paint damage
    this bracket is attached to oil compartment so vapor is not such big issue

    shifter bracket is attached to inner plate with mesh by 3 tiny screws
    if you unsolder bracket, most likely you will unsolder inner plate too
    and this means - opening tank to repair this

    so lets not think about it

    Galahad , Ive send you private message about whatsapp


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    Re: VL gas tank solder


    I just dug my orginal shifter brackets
    and all of them have sleeve brazed not soldered

    so mayby you will consider tig welding or tig brazing it to bracket?
    if you do it spot by spot
    with enaugh time between to cool down
    you should not mess paint anywhere else than bracket

    if not I will make you short film how to solder
    but solder joint is much weaker than brazed


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    Re: VL gas tank solder

    That changes things a bit. Not so easy.

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    I had the same problem with my VL tank shifter bushing/bracket. I elected to have it tig welded after i had properly prepared the surfaces. It's not a visible area and the fix was permanent and much less intrusive than soldering . A wet rag held next to the area being welded took care of any heat issues (NO damage to finish painted tanks ) You cannot even tell that there was any kind of repair. Hope this helps....Smitty

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    I do believe that tig welding the way HDsmitty suggests may be the way to go

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    Quote Originally Posted by galahad99 View Post
    My bushing where the shifter arm stud passes through and connects to the shifter lever has a broken solder joint, located on the bottom fitting of the tank. looks like its steel. Can anyone tell me what is the best solder to use here? Is 60/40 the right mix of solder. In addition, the paint is good so in order to protect the solder joints above as well as the paint on the tank I was told to use heat resistant putty. Any recomendations would be helpfull.
    I used this putty and tig welded the bushing. worked well and the paint and other solder joints were preserved

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    Re: VL gas tank solder

    Looks nice, what rod did you use, silicone bronze?

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    Yes silicon bronze

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