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Thread: RL/WL front fender

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    RL/WL front fender

    Looking for a 34-39 front fender for a 45, please. Cash or trade.
    Also needing the 39 ride control complete and spring guard used 36-39 front ends and a 6 bolt horn.
    Thanks for any help with these items.

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    Re: RL/WL front fender

    Jeff Coffman,Jeff's American Classics, had a NOS ride control 4 sale at davenport.
    These are pretty rare & were accesories ,so not all had it.
    If points bike some fenders had butterfly braces.
    good luck on spring gaurd,I could have sold many this year at davenport

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    Re: RL/WL front fender

    I think that I have the fender that you are looking for. I will PM you with my information.

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