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Thread: Gear shaft bearing washer

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    Gear shaft bearing washer


    This washer(n°29) is on the plan behind the spring ring but because of the ergot, it goes wrong.
    For me it is useless but I do not have enough perspective to say that.
    There may be a trick I can not find anywhere.

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    Re: Gear shaft bearing washer is NOT useless.

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    Re: Gear shaft bearing washer

    I think I found, inside there must be a hole at the top of the ring and I have to slide the pin to prevent it from turning.
    This hole is not used for lubrication as on the left side, which I thought at the beginning.
    I'm watching tonight.

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    Re: Gear shaft bearing washer

    I just checked and the hole is actually made to receive this washer, so problem solved.
    I'll post a photo tomorrow.

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    Re: Gear shaft bearing washer


    It was so obvious that I did not see the positioning of the washer.

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