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Thread: Sidecar mounts

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    Sidecar mounts

    What's a set of -73 rear sidecar mounts worth?

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    Re: Sidecar mounts

    For square-swingarm: both halves of the clamp, bolts and nuts, rubber bushing, large nut, washer and swinging ball-socket? At least a buck and a quarter.

    Everything in the second row? Complete on the rt. end of the third row.
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    Re: Sidecar mounts

    Thanks for the input, and the photo of the mounts. A friend has the rear mount I need for my 73, and we need some kind of value for it.

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    Re: Sidecar mounts

    New from V-Twin the clamp is about $100, the stud another $50...
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    Re: Sidecar mounts

    Thanks Robbie

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