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    Hi guys my name is Jeff, I own and ride a 1993 hd flhtc that I bought used in 2001 and proceeded to shave down to a streetglide before streetglide was even a thing. I also own a 1982 hd custom which was born an flh but is titled and resembles an fxe. This bike was the motivation for me wanting to join this forum as I want to restore this bike to an flh and take it a lil further by adding a rocker clutch and hand shift. Since waiting on gaining access to this sites search functions I've gained a wealth of info on this retrofit so time and money, here I go.

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    Welcome to the ward. Pick out a bed an' get some pajamas an' slippers ovah dere, an' da chief nurse will be along soon to start your 50-wt. IV drip.

    Traditional H-D hand-shift with all stock parts will require you to round up a complete pre-1980 4-speed gearbox. Then everything else is available to tank shift, or jockey shift or even slap-shift it (a jockey handle right on a ratchet top; requires you to go through the gears one-at-a-time) and every part is OEM and bolts together. You just decide your goal; it's all available. Post pitchers! We like pitchers!
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    Welcome to the club....

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