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Thread: UL cylinders on a ULH

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    Re: UL cylinders on a ULH

    How to achieve the desired quench distance (.035") will vary depending on the condition of some other parts.
    A taller piston does nicely, but (except for using the K piston in a 45 with a tiny stroker plate, or a pop-up relief) none available TIKO, and $$$ to make bespoke.
    The cylinder flange bottom cut will work, but really tough to set up in a lathe: very unbalanced heavy load.
    The case decks can be cut, but it's permanent, and mistakes very bad...
    Longer rod? Not practical, but an eccentric piston pin bushing?
    The cylinder deck can be milled (easiest, cheapest) but most effective if the valve seats are sunk, gasket surface rough etc. Most 45 need .030-.050" removed (if using the .019" copper gasket), and this also removes the bad upper area of the seats. The seats are restored to stock height, any relief work is easier and less drastic.

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    Re: UL cylinders on a ULH

    On my 4-T Jap race bikes, I used the same method. There was a guy that had all size lathes and we would work it together and open the jaws inside the bore gently. I always took the bandwidth off the base of the cylinder. I haven't done it on a HD since a Sprint years ago but don't see why it won't work. Would take the right lathe and operator. Lots of offset spinning wieght. You can damn sure dial in a squish/quench band that way. Wish I had the resources close by. I would like to build one more sure enough hotrod BTSV. Famous last words... Seadub

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    ACF big flathead cylinders are cast in India.

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