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Thread: Tap sizes

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    Tap sizes

    can someone give the Tap size for the timing plug and the transmission filler plug on a 47 EL? Where is the best place to buy these taps? Thanks in Advance? Tom

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    Re: Tap sizes

    I just saw a tap for sale from Rat at Harbor Vintage. It was from Colony, and the description said it was for the timing plug hole. The tap size was 11/16-16, but you might want to look that up on eBay. The tranny filler hole is definitely 7/8-18. I have repaired a few of these in the past. If you search on the internet you should be able to find a specialty tap house that sells that size tap, as it is not a standard pitch for 7/8 diameter.

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    Re: Tap sizes

    The tap for the transmission filler is UNS 7/8x18 as said. I ordered one on Ebay from China for $12


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