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    Stupid question

    I seem to be having a brain fart here. Will a 50 LE sidecar chassis bolt up to a swing arm bike? I was looking at a parts book the other day, and noticed different part numbers for the rigid frame and swing arm frames. I'm sure I knew this at one time...

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    Re: Stupid question

    The frames are the same, the mounts differ. And the brake systems are different, all stuff that can be worked around...
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    Re: Stupid question

    I usta have a 53LE on a 72FLP. A Shovelhead with the last round-section swingarm. The only different mount, that Robbie referred to, is the rear mount. The old sidecar usta bolt right to the rear axle hanger on a rigid-frame bike. On the swingarm after 1957 was bolted a rubber-bushed pivoting arm with the ball-joint socket on the end of it, probably 5-inches of swing, up and down.
    As the swingarm moved, the ball remained in the same plane, maintaining the integrity of the little tripod wheelbase. The system was a never-planned addition to Harley-Davidson's traditional rigid tripod, but it works pretty well. Only hard on the tug's swingarm bearings; they only last about one riding season; my experience.
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    Re: Stupid question

    Here you go: 1958 to 72:

    If it's straight, it's for "after" 1972 (square swingarm):

    So that means you have a quarter-inch or so of changeable "tow-in" by selecting one or the other. Never know which might feel a little better on crowned roads.

    That bolt there gets a rubber bushing and bolts through a round swingarm. For a square swingarm, a squeeze clam-shell around it located the bolt.
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    Re: Stupid question

    Thanks, guys... The pictures are helpful, as I don't have the rear swing arm mount. I'm thinking about mounting the car on my 73 FLH, as it already has the trees. I'll just have to replace the Andrews 2:44 first gear, and drop the trans sprocket back to a 22.

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    Re: Stupid question

    You will need the mount to attach it to the rectangular swinging arm. I may have one.
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    Re: Stupid question

    Thanks, Chris... A friend may be able to supply the rear mount, I should know next week.

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