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    Took the 38U bobber for a pretty long ride today, wow very nice handling bike with lots of pep, only issue was the clutch is grabbing on take off, after that all is smooth, my 1st jockey shift also, I said that would be the1ist thing I would change, but after 3 days of riding I am leaving it

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    Very nice! I like the colors combo...
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    Very cool!! Ride the piss out of it!

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    I find the original type asbestos discs give the smoothest engagement.

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    Thanks Charles, I will remedy the clutch issue this weekend, it is not all that bad, you just have to ease it slowly, unlike all my other foot clutches, they are all super smooth

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    Is it possibel to post a pic w/o the photophuckit logo gumming up the works?

    Looks nice from what I cabn see of it though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by panz4ever View Post
    Is it possibel to post a pic w/o the photophuckit logo gumming up the works?
    Not sure what you are seeing that is "gumming up the works". The image I'm seeing is perfect (no ads, logos or printing overlays.?.). I'm using the 'Brave' browser. Not sure if that has anything to do with it.

    I'm certainly not defending Photobucket (or phuckit as you say). If there's a way to screw something up, they're first in line.

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    panz4ever, I see what you mean. Just checked this site using Google Chrome browser. The picture is blurry and most of it is covered over by the ridiculous Photobucket logo/ad. Using the Brave browser, the picture is crystal clear. Don't know why.

    By the way Larry... Very cool bike.

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    Thanks Drop, I really enjoy this one, it will be on the kick start classic next month, as for the photo I really don't have a clue

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    Re: 38u

    Pay photobucket's premium price and it all goes away.

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