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Thread: Wake up call

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    Wake up call

    Every now and then a guy needs a wakeup call that all folks are not the least bit interested in old bikes. Case in point: I am on a trip from my home in ND to Montery, CA. Yesterday I stopped at the Border Resort on Hwy 50 on the UT/NV border. I was sitting under some shade about 20 ft from my 51fl and eating a popsicle. I was feeling really good about myself and my 51. Now it's original paint and doesn't look new but I'm pretty proud of it. Anyhow, these 2 guys come out of the casino and don't see me but see the bike. First guy says to second guy "that's a pretty old bike". Second guy says " yeah, with the price of new stuff nowadays I suppose that's all the poor bastard can afford" Kinda pissed me off for just a second but I have been laughing to myself ever since.

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    As regards the 2nd guy's comments, to channel my dear deceased mother in law, "Better pitied than censored."

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    Re: Wake up call

    That's funny John, you poor old bastard! Enjoy your trip!
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    Re: Wake up call

    Good one John.

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    Re: Wake up call

    Ha! Funny stuff. Wish I could get the time off for that Monterey Road Run!!! Enjoy!!!

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    We stopped at that little casino on our way from Bonneville Salt Flats back to Utah (the long way via Nevada). Interesting little spot, too bad you can't afford a shiny new bike, good luck with your crusty Pan.
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    Re: Wake up call

    We sometimes joke about our old bikes "dad got it new and when we finally pay it off we might get something newer"
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    Re: Wake up call

    John, We will start a .... GO FUN ME ... today LOL

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