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Thread: 32e problem

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    32e problem

    51fl all stock electrical system. I just rode from ND to Minden, NV . Great trip. About 100 miles out my generator light came on and wont go out unless I turn the headlight on and leave it on. This happened right after a battery hold down nut came off and shorted out the positive post to the frame. Fuse blew. I put the nut back where it belonged and put in a new fuse and away I went. About a mile later the gen light came on and stays on unless I use the headlight. I plan to file the contacts in the cutout but other than that I don't know what to do.

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    Re: 32e problem

    My thinking is you burned another wire somewhere when it blew the positive. I was on a ride when the positive shorted out and fried everything even on the dash. Had to wait for a friend to show up with a full roll of electrical tape and padded everything with it. Made it home to find my complete wire harness was fried.

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    Re: 32e problem

    Boy, idk. I noticed now that with the engine running and the headlines on then turn lites off with engine running, lite stays on with switch in ignition position .

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    Re: 32e problem

    May be you are running on the third brush only now ?

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    Re: 32e problem

    Update. Messed with it most of the day. Finally disconnected the headlight wires from the terminal board. All is well now except no headlight. I can use the spots if I need to I guess. The 68 year old wiring or the switch must have a bad spot someplace. Not equipped to remove tanks, dash, and handlebars to rewire here. Gonna go without headlight and hope for the best. Too far from home to push.

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