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Thread: Indian Chief Qua Clutch

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    Indian Chief Qua Clutch

    For Peter or Jason Z.

    What type of oil are you using in your primary with the Qua clutch?


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    Re: Indian Chief Qua Clutch

    Hey Dave
    HD sportster primary/trans oil. The Qua has been flawless so far
    Jason Z - S.W. PA
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    Re: Indian Chief Qua Clutch

    Thanks Jason. I am using the HD stuff. Mine seems to be grabby when it gets hot. Might be time to change it, it has been a while.

    Thanks, Dave

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    Re: Indian Chief Qua Clutch

    I'm back to running the HD primary oil as well. I tried Joe Gibbs and found it to be much more "grabby".
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    Re: Indian Chief Qua Clutch

    From Qua site: Lubrication: DO NOT USE a multigrade or synthetic oil in the primary- or gearbox, also do not use any oil additives (clutch slippage and damage to the plates may result). Use a mineral oil, monograde (your choice) 30 weight but not thicker than a 50 weight.

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    Re: Indian Chief Qua Clutch

    I did a 2003 Honda oil change with cusyomer supplied oil.It wouldn't move when started.They were very particular about the oil used.Same weight/different data & it was fine.Harley had made a different Sporty oil at one time.It was dropped & the Primary trans oil for big twins is used in sportys now.

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