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Thread: Fork internals upgrade report.

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    Re: Fork internals upgrade report.

    Thanks for the thoughtful comments.

    Yes agreed, it would be great if valves could be adjusted without removal. Instructions say, tune by half-a-turn at a time. Plan is to make adjustment then evaluate to ensure direction is correct.

    I must re-read the manual but as I recall, there a number of individual adjustments possible.

    1/. Rebound damping. Increasing or decreasing oil viscosity adjusts rebound damping. As rebound seems good, I'll probably elect to leave it alone and concentrate on other settings.

    2/. Compression damping. This is in 2 parts, high speed and low speed. The low speed damping seems perfect but high speed damping is slightly too much. Plan is to reduce valve spring preload by half a turn.

    3/. Air-volume-above-oil. This air volume controls how much forks dive. I already tried draining a small amount of oil from each side but it didn't give the desired result (and it was an easy thing to try).

    4/ Fork spring strength and preload. Spring weight was calculated by Racetech and it seems good.

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    Re: Fork internals upgrade report.

    I used the progressive suspension springs in my bagger, left the stock springs in the wife's deuce. I'm still impressed with the improved ride after 18 years...
    64 Duo-Glide

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