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Thread: Fork internals upgrade report.

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    Fork internals upgrade report.

    I bought Racetech cartridge emulators and springs to fit my '61 front end. They came via OEMcycles on Ebay.

    What I can say is WOW. What a nice improvement in feel. Front feels great. Hard to believe it's the same bike.

    The mod was a big job, not for the faint hearted. First I had to measure the bikes' weight to determine which spring set to buy. I chose to buy just the springs and emulators and make all the rest.
    Aluminum parts I turned from 6061 or 7075. Racetech instructions were quite good. Their helpdesk was excellent. They calculated correct springs, emulators and advised on base settings.

    Hope this is interesting. Much more info, pics and details are on my Blog page as per below. Head over to the side page: Forks, wheels, brakes etc.

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    Re: Fork internals upgrade report.

    Excellent, thanks for sharing. I suspected these would help the 'Glide but never seen it done.

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    Re: Fork internals upgrade report.

    I've used the emulator valves on all my late model bikes, they make a huge difference, especially when you hit a hole or something that would normally bottom out the suspension, the valve limits that rush of oil that would normally gush right thru the stock damper, I can't praise them enough...So the valve is held in place just by spring pressure? I don't really see how the custom parts are going together..
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    Re: Fork internals upgrade report.

    So the valve is held in place just by spring pressure? I don't really see how the custom parts are going together..
    Yes, the valve is held against the top of the damper rod by the spring. All the parts are photo'd in detail on the blog page including pics of the assembly stack.

    I haven't begun to try any adjustment yet. I might try reducing compression damping. It's a fairly big job so am thinking it through carefully.

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    Re: Fork internals upgrade report.

    I found when I used them on a roadking, use a setting on the light side, I had to take it apart for a re-adjustment and a pan is way lighter than a RK....
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    Re: Fork internals upgrade report.

    I still don't see any pics on the blog site, just wondering if you have some kind of seal under the valve to the damper tube, they have kind of a round top.
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    Re: Fork internals upgrade report.

    Good to know. The valves came with 3 - 4pairs of little springs in alternative stiffness.... plus there's the adjustment itself.

    Taking it apart is a bit tedious just for adjustment however it worked much better with the recommended settings already so there's plenty of scoop to improve it further.

    OK, so if you can't find the page on Forks then others will be having the same problem. If I was to design the site, I'd be laying it out different..
    Perhaps you're viewing from a phone? Else the view isn't wide enough to see the links? Either way it will be interesting to understand the issue...

    See here below the pageview counter, a series of page links. Forks, Wheels, Brakes... valve pics at the bottom of the page:

    This is a Screenshot Capture only..

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    Re: Fork internals upgrade report.

    Yes, there is a seal between the valve and damper tube in the form of a piston ring. I made it from low friction material. Basically the damper tube and valve need an adaptor which was made from 7075 T6 aluminum. In this, a groove for the piston ring was machined.

    Hope that's clear.

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    Re: Fork internals upgrade report.

    Nicely done Excalibur! Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to take the valves out to adjust them? Like by just removing the set screws in the fork cap to insert a long screw driver into the adjuster screw, I guess that would require some kind of ratcheting lock on the adjuster screw though...
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    Re: Fork internals upgrade report.

    Play about with different oil weights too.
    Such a simple thing but one that makes a massive difference.

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