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Thread: New guy with a "40' servicar.

  1. New guy with a "40' servicar.

    Hello guys! Obviously new here and I've been looking around. There is definitely a bunch of information on classic iron here. This is my new project, a "40" servicar. I know that it has a 40 engine, a 58+ frame, hydraulic brakes, delco starter, hydra glide front end, early 60's speedometer and trim, incorrect tanks and a 66+ box. I would like it to somewhat resemble a 40 at some point. Basically I'm planning on going back to springer front end, metal box, spoke rear wheels and most likely a two tone paint job.

    It was built in the early 90's and was last registered in 98 so it has been sitting 20 years. I'm replacing everything rubber, cleaning the fuel system, rebuilding the M16 carb and putting on my most manly clothing to ride it as is for a short period of time before determining other changes.

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    Re: New guy with a "40' servicar.

    Hi, welcome!
    That's a 1941-* oil feed pump.
    You'll want a big twin springer, your late G frame has a 1" stem for the 'Glide (the 1937-57 had 7/8").
    The "breaker" (distributor) appears to be automatic advance, either later G or Sportster or aftermarket, a nice upgrade.
    Your cylinders will accept the 1939-52 aluminum heads (although not original to 'Cars) as a bolt on. Nice weight saving, slight power increase, better looking (IMHO). Be careful about the threads, they're 7/16-16 NS, same as knucklehead.

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    Re: New guy with a "40' servicar.

    Welcome to the club...

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    Re: New guy with a "40' servicar.

    You may still have the original 22 tooth motor sprocket, which is great for around town but severely limits top speed. Any 45 (only) sprocket can be installed, the larger ones need the longer 100 link primary chain, but will allow higher speed and reduce noise and vibration. 27 tooth (original military sidecar size) is a common choice.

  5. Re: New guy with a "40' servicar.

    Thanks for the welcome and the information! Is there an advantage to a 41+ oil pump? The aluminum heads are very tempting. Are there any aftermarket options to avoid? I'm not sure what sprocket is on there currently, I'd like to do 60 mph as my top speed without running the dog snot out of it. Anywhere I go around here has an elevation change of 1000 to 2500 feet but I'd like to do a Crater Lake trip at some point that would put me in the 6000' range. How does the M16 carb with elevation change?

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    Re: New guy with a "40' servicar.

    The late pump has a provision to bypass some oil pressure at lower speed to reduce oil consumption, since this pump is regulated to higher maximum pressure. The appearance is similar. I'd leave it on. If you adjust it follow the 1941-* settings.
    The 22 will be there unless someone changed it. The final drive is 5.84:1 as follows:
    Engine 22 (as large as 34 will fit)
    Clutch drum 59
    Transmission 17
    Rear axle 37 (the solo is 41)
    With 26" tires, this is 4,528 RPM @ 60, you won't like it.
    A 27 tooth (4.76:1) slows this down to 3,689. It's noisy but safe, just watch your oil temperature.
    The speed and RPM change for a larger sprocket is simple division. A really large sprocket will kill low speed acceleration. All ratios are a compromise, there is no "best".

    The M-16 is original, but like all Model M has no density correction and will run rich at altitude. IIRC it has a "power" needle to adjust high speed mixture, which will help. It's the smallest (1") carburetor used on these, the largest one (M-51, 1-1/4") can be bolted on with a larger manifold but no machine work.
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    Re: New guy with a "40' servicar.

    Welcome. Bike is Sharp ! My guess is it is a 1966 and later model. More like a 1967 or up. It has the 1966-1973 electric start on it and an auto advance timer.. Front end and box are 60's as well.

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    Re: New guy with a "40' servicar.

    Welcome to the forum. Interesting Servi-Car, a true "bitza". Tanks are '61-'62, forks, wheel, and front fender are early '80s Big Twin type and do not appear to have the correct adjustable rake type triple trees. Be careful if you ride it with those as speed wobble will likely occur. Fork covers and headlight are '50s type. Speedometer is reproduction, dash cover early '60s. As stated the box is late '60s. Footboards, risers, handlebars are all aftermarket. Clutch adjustment cover is off a Big Twin (it should match the chain inspection cover). It would be a fun run around town bike but trying to make it appear to match the engine would cost a small fortune and it still would not be right. You would be better off making sure it is mechanically sound and just enjoying it as is.

    Oh, and real men ride any color they want to. Black is for posers and wannabes!!
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    Re: New guy with a "40' servicar.

    You may wanna try using a tennis ball . It will be a little more forgiving then a golf ball on the noggin.

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    Re: New guy with a "40' servicar.

    Welcome aboard, I also have a Servicar and truly enjoy it, if the wind is at my back and I am going down hill I can get it to 55MPH - but it "cruises at about 35 MPH. For the most part other drivers are too busy staring at it to mind the slowness. I agree with Rubone, like my Servicar ( 1946,47,49, with a 52 engine) you will spend a fortune attempting to put it back to it's original condition. I live south of Atlanta Georgia and very few folks seem to know the difference. 45 Restoration is where I got most of the "after market" items needed to get back on the rode - they are very helpful as is this forum.

    I also don't wear "biker" stuff - did enough of that back in the sixties and seventies! I hope you enjoy your new ride as much as I do - but don't recommend going on any group cruises unless you know the route as the "real" bikes will have to meet you at the destination (HA).

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