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    Rim Painting

    I will soon be ready to jump into painting my rims for my projects. Does anyone have any favorite ways to hang a rim for painting so that I don't end up with any missing areas of primer and paint either in the nipple holes or around the outside of the rim. It just seems like any way I hang them to apply and let dry, I will always have some spot that will be missed or blocked. Or, is it suggested that whichever way I hang them, I move it around between coats to get the small areas that may have been missed the previous coat? Just looking for ideas as I have never painted rims before. I have four 18's and two 16's to paint, along with six hubs that are all original.

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    Re: Rim Painting

    I'm curious what turns up with your question! I used an old spoke through one hole with the nipple on the opposite side, spoke bent as a hanger, and then I went back later and touched up the one hole.
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    Re: Rim Painting

    I tie a nylon rope, or use heavy wire around the inside of the rim. I hang the rim at a comfortable height so I can easily access the whole rim with a gravity feed spray gun. You could spray the inside before hanging the rim, but I'm not that picky about how the inside looks, except for the edge that shows. If you're worried about poor coverage in the nipple holes, paint the inside of the rim as thoroughly as you can and move it anywhere you need for good coverage. Let it dry a bit, and then concentrate on putting a good finish on the outside that shows. Modern single stage enamels (with a wet look hardener) are very friendly to the painter, and flow out quite well in a clean environment.

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