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Thread: FHP 93" Knuck Motor with New Baker Trans ..

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    FHP 93" Knuck Motor with New Baker Trans ..


    This puppy is just like new with less than a hundred miles on it since new..

    The story:
    Was bought new from FHP in 2005 .. Installed in a Show Bike and the scoot was titled in 2009
    Only fired up at bike events and back into dry storage it went..
    Heads, Jugs and Lifter Blocks were casted in Sweden from ductile iron ...
    S&S Cases are fully Polished Out...
    Has the alt left side case running the 70-up sprocket shaft.
    With the motor comes a new Baker 4-speed Tranny (70-up shaft), has the N1 lid which has been polished along with the kick cover... It has the MSO from Baker, motor only comes with a notorized bill of sale.

    The case number has 00041 on it ... I'm going to say that this motor is near the last one made before S&S started to make them ... ???

    The motor case has the 1948-1999 style front motor mount
    * Will not fit stock knuckle frames *
    The frame that you see in the photo is a Panhead (55-57) Edlund re-pop and is "Not Included" in the package deal.
    For $2,500 more it can be ...

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