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Thread: Discarded frame

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    Re: Discarded frame


    Just in case you haven't figured it out yet, this ain't Larry's first rodeo. Take my word for it. I've known him over 45 years.

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    Re: Discarded frame

    Awesome thread and pics, Larry.
    Thanks for showing your work.
    (I love watching and learning from the masters.)

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    Re: Discarded frame

    Quote Originally Posted by Charles.L.Pitts View Post
    The downtubes are cut just below the head and weld prepped by grinding. The lower tank mount is below the weld joint and will reinforce the repair. The tubing is purchased through ebay.

    Cutting the frame off below the neck is the mark of inexperience or being too lazy to drill out the plug welds, grinding the welds to remove the neck without butchering the downtubes. Now you have frame tubes that are butt welded.
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    Re: Discarded frame

    I can tell you Jason Sheets is a serious craftsman and takes pride in his work and runs a serious business. I have a frame for a 41 knuckle I am getting ready to take to him to restore. It is a mess but all there. Side car use did a fair amount of damage over the years. He told me he is running about a year out right now as he has about 300 frames in for work plus other stuff too. I have seen his work, and he along with his wife races, at TROG among other races, so he puts his faith in his work to get him and her down the track and mot come apart.


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    Tacked and ready to weld.

    I use 6013 wire in 1/8". This or 6012 most resembles original weld and may have been what the factory used.

    The previous builder cut off the sidecar loops and filled the radius not with bondo but with bad weld. This obscures my reference and makes the job much harder.

    Some time spent with a die grinder restores the reference.

    Because so much was cut away, the repair loop must be specially shaped.

    Using 3/4" EMT to align loops.


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    The straightening fixture converts to a rotisserie for blasting and painting.

    Blasting outdoors requires a hood and a respirator. However, wearing a respirator causes the window in the hood to immediately fog over. The solution is air supply. A bathroom fan, a swimming pool hose, and a small AC filter provides enough air.

    My spray booth. The tent takes care of the leaves.

    Aerosols take care of the bugs.

    Painting complete.

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    Re: Discarded frame

    Larry, you got some MacGyver going on! Lovin this thread!!
    To have the right to do something is not the same as to be right in doing it.

    49 FL Love/Hate Relationship

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    Re: Discarded frame

    Thanks for posting, please keep it up!

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    Re: Discarded frame

    Morgan said it all. If there is a will there is a way. Great work !!

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    Thanks for the kind words. The frame had spent time outdoors, so the head bearings and races were rusted. Running a heliarc bead around the race shrinks it and it drops out.

    Trailer bearing from Tractor Supply.

    Using a vise and a piece of scrap to press in race.

    Ready to install. Possibly a little different, but I'll make it work.

    Ready to become a motorcycle. I don't like to sell chopper frames, as I can't see past the Bondo. Now I know the frame is safe. This frame will never be perfect, as the welds have been ground. However, it will look good at first glance.

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