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Thread: Side car on a Softail

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    Side car on a Softail

    I'm wondering how hard it would be to adapt a factory side car onto a 90 Softail. IIRC, L&W offered a kit or something to do this, but they're out of business.

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    Re: Side car on a Softail

    Liberty Sidecars out of Washington builds a replica that is specifically made for Softail models and other EVO-era bikes.

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    Re: Side car on a Softail


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    Re: Side car on a Softail

    I have seen several Libertys that mounted the damper to the fork slider.That is BS.They turn/pull/push when going & turn the other way when stopping.Holy crap to ride.Mount damper off the lower triple tree

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    Re: Side car on a Softail

    Use the factory front and top mount. Fabricate a rear mount. We did one for the old TV series Tequila and Bonetti.
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    Re: Side car on a Softail

    Thanks for the info

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