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Thread: Briggs and Stratton Keys

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    Briggs and Stratton Keys

    Anyone have a source to make them? I need and extra key for the neck lock on the 65 Pan. My original is pretty worn.

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    Re: Briggs and Stratton Keys

    The codes are out there.Any locksmith can cut to code.The only hang up would be the blanks saying B&S.The number on the lock head should be the # you need or on the key.Archive the original and use the remake as your daily.

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    Re: Briggs and Stratton Keys

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    Re: Briggs and Stratton Keys

    Terry Marsh has many original keys and blanks.
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    Re: Briggs and Stratton Keys

    There is a man in Minnesota who advertises in the classified ad section of every AMCA magazine. He has the codes and can make you a key. Terry Marsh is a good source as well.

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