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Thread: Glen McGill - Stockton California

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    Glen McGill - Stockton California

    Feb. 9, 1913 - September 16, 2005

    Glen McGill, a native of Stockton for 92 years, peacefully slipped away on Friday, September 16, 2005. With an entrepreneurial spirit, he lived the American Dream. A gentle, down to earth man who saw everyone as his equal. Among his many accomplishments was Glen A. McGill Motorcycle Shop on Cherokee Lane in Stockton, which he owned and operated for 43 years. Well known in the area, he enjoyed the friendship of his many customers and business acquaintances. He also invested in commercial real estate, and continued working on that up to the last year of his life. He was an avid motorcycle rider and rode up to the age of 89. He was a life member of the Stockton Motorcycle Club, Lodi Motorcycle Club and Port of Stockton Motorcycle Club. He loved the game of poker and played all his life as a hobby. As a young man he enjoyed fly fishing and camping with his family in the Sierras and participating in competition motorcycle racing. He will be missed by those who knew him and loved him.
    He was preceded in death by his loving wife of 71 years, Erma “Dolly” McGill and their daughter, Jeanne Christine.

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    sorry to hear that . there's a guy i would have loved to talk to. RIP

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    The H-D Dealer in Stockton was "Soapy" Sudmeyer. Items from his estate have been showing up on eBay lately.
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