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Thread: Spare tire mount

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    Spare tire mount

    Gentlemen, I have what I think is a simple question. The spare tire mount on my 64, would that have been Parkerized or would that have been painted? If painted would the factory have used a brown primer or none
    Thanks as as always; Mike

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    Re: Spare tire mount

    I beleive the mount was painted black (don't know about under coating or metal finshbefore paint) and mounting hardware was parkerized.

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    Re: Spare tire mount

    I have had several of those including the one on my 44UL for the last 45 years and all have been black with no indication of primer beneath the black.
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    Re: Spare tire mount

    I appreciate the feedback. Mine is painted black and shows signs of a primer. I'll have to assume it's a repaint. Looks like another winter project. Strip and paint. Thank you again for the info. Mike

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    Re: Spare tire mount

    A 1949 announcement from H-D states that all metal parts receive a thin skin of Phosphate to protect your Harley-Davidson from rust and weather. This coating is described as being either sprayed-on Parkerizing or Bonderizing.
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    Re: Spare tire mount

    Thank you Chris. That's an important document and I will add it to my note books in several locations.

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