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Thread: 1936 Engine

  1. 1936 Engine

    Mornins see at big Auction Forum Frame and Engine last Days looking for me left case new and frame Head also top nummber to big ???

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    Re: 1936 Engine

    That is clear as mud.

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    Re: 1936 Engine

    I am sure English is not his first language. How many languages you speak?? I only speak one, English.
    My impression of this site is we welcome people from all over the world if they have interest in antique motorcycles without regard to their ability to speak English. I would have expected a little less derogatory of an answer, especially from an administrator of this site. Ulfhd, could you try to clarify what you are asking? Even if you get it close, maybe someone on here will be able to answer and help you out.

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    Re: 1936 Engine

    Without a link to the auction it is impossible to see what you are referring to. Also how high is the number? '36 as you know is a low production year for those first year Knuckles.
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    Re: 1936 Engine

    Ulf wanted to say
    that frame casting number -xe35
    is too big

    same seller as engine above

    this frame is fake anyway


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    Re: 1936 Engine

    how can you tell?

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    Re: 1936 Engine

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    Re: 1936 Engine

  10. Re: 1936 Engine

    Quote Originally Posted by rob View Post
    how can you tell?
    Real 1936 frames are not usually drilled in both bosses like this one. I suspect it is a 37 frame that has been altered. Jerry
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