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Thread: Part needed. Complete model D 1930 gearbox

  1. Exclamation Part needed. Complete model D 1930 gearbox


    If anyone can help, my 1930 model D 45" has got a 1941 gearbox fitted and I would like to find the correct year gearbox so I can complete the restoration.

    Does anybody know where I can purchase such a gearbox?

    Warm regards Karl

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    Re: Part needed. Complete model D 1930 gearbox

    I should have all the correct year tranny and clutch parts in stock to build you a correct one for your restoration.
    I sent you a P.M. with my phone no.
    If interested, you can give me a call and we can discuss.

  3. Re: Part needed. Complete model D 1930 gearbox

    I am very interested Ralph and have replied to your PM.

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