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Thread: Intake nipple thread size

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    Intake nipple thread size

    Hi all. I am after some help identifing the thread size for the intake nipples on a 45 if any one could help me please. I have measured the pitch at 20tpi and nipple thread ,the one that screws in the barrel, and get 1.365". The nearest imperial thread size is 1-23/64 @ 1.3594 and 1-3/8 @ 1 .3750 . 20tpi in this size makes it cycle thread or UNS.Just want to clean treads so could use a tread cleaner but wanted to do a proper job. Many thanks in advance.
    Cheers Leigh
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    Re: Intake nipple thread size

    Managed to get a tap 1-3/8 -20tpi UNS, not cheap but good tools never are.
    Cheers Leigh

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    Re: Intake nipple thread size

    I would have used a used nipple with a groove filed in it before using any tap because of the chance of taking more material away than needed.I like tight threads on inserts if possible.

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    Re: Intake nipple thread size

    Hi Duffy. Had to repair the thread area, and there was too much to repair using a thread chaser or using your method . I have used that method on glacier bushes just to remove a small amount. The tap seemed the only good option. Thanks for your reply and input.
    Cheers Leigh

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