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Thread: Beehive Brouhaha History

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    Re: Beehive Brouhaha History

    Fletch, I don’t know if there’s a definitive list of OEM parts catalogs and I think you’re right about H-D not always issuing a new catalog each year.

    As I indicated above, the catalog covering 1930–40 is part of a combo offered by H-D and they all come under #99406-93. Other catalogs in the combo are one for 45ci Solos and Servi-Cars, addressing 1946 and earlier, and one for 1937–49 61ci, 74ci and 80ci Big Twins and sidecars. Also included is a cross-index of part numbers, old to new and new to old. The index is dated Aug 10, 1951.

    Another combo from H-D is #99414-93. It incorporates operation, maintenance, parts listings and specifications. It covers some Lightweights, Sportsters, Big Twins and Servi-Cars.

    Other H-D catalogs I have are #99456-68 (1958–68 Big Twins), #99456-71 (1961–71 Big Twins), #99455-83C (1971–84 FX/FXE/FXS etc) and #99456-84B (1941–84 FL/FLH etc).
    However, catalogs covering multiple years don’t always include part numbers and/or illustrations of pieces used at the beginning of their span. For example, the 41–84 catalog doesn’t contain rigid frames. If you’re working on a particular model of a certain year then it’s good to have a catalog to suit, or at least one that is close.

    The Legend Begins (#99403-93) was published by H-D in 93. It contains some info for early years and on through 1969. It includes some, not all, order blanks and even some blanks contained do not have every model on them. The back of the book has some model descriptions and production figures but the book itself states that this info is not to be regarded as totally accurate.

    Some H-D publications contain some Service Dept Bulletins, Mechanics’ Bulletins and Shop Dopes—for example, #99410-93 has some covering 1917–49.

    Some Shop Dopes and Service Bulletins used to be available from Antique Cycle Supply but now they can be obtained via V-Twin. Volumes can be purchased individually but I bought volumes 1–4 as a batch. Volume part numbers should be on the V-Twin website.

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    Re: Beehive Brouhaha History

    Thanks again Eric. I appreciate your time and the detailed info. Very helpful.

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    Re: Beehive Brouhaha History

    Quote Originally Posted by Speeding Big Twin View Post
    Fletch, I don’t know if there’s a definitive list of OEM parts catalogs and I think you’re right about H-D not always issuing a new catalog each year.
    That all depends on the time frame. Starting if the '50's the would issue a supplement to the previous years parts catalog if there weren't a lot of changes. They often had two different accessory catalogs per year Spring and Fall. I have at least one from each year from 1920-2000. with a few scattered issues before 1920.
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