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Thread: VL rear wheel, third bearing ?

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    VL rear wheel, third bearing ?

    Hello everyone,

    In my 36 VL i have play on the rear wheel.
    Both bearings are OK, the problem are the splines on the hub and brake drum are worn out.
    I heard about placing a bearing inside the wheel hub, between the brake drum and hub.

    I cant find pictures how it looks like on the web.

    Does anyone hve pictures how to place the extra bearing in the hub ?
    I have a lathe soo i can make a spacer or something but at first i need a photo how it works

    thanks in advance

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    Re: VL rear wheel, third bearing ?

    These have been appearing on Ebay recently. I have no clue as to how good, or bad, they are but thought it might help.

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    Re: VL rear wheel, third bearing ?

    Contact Ray Bartomeli on Facebook at Harley VL Motorcycles. He has a perfect solution and it is US made. The eBay item listed above is an imported knockoff of his original.
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