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Thread: FLH Shifter Lever Bushing

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    Re: FLH Shifter Lever Bushing

    Put a winter windshield & legshields on your flatty if you want to hear engine noise!

  2. Re: FLH Shifter Lever Bushing

    Back from Trumansburg, got her up on the lift last night to pull it all apart. Not difficult, but a lot of stuff needed to come off to get to the bracket. Pushed out the old bushing, lots of slop. New bushing on the bench has less, have not pressed it in yet. Also thought my grease fitting was broken off, turns out it was missing and I was seeing a lump of old grease. So a worthy project all around, but now waiting form some bits before I can reassemble. I ordered the nylon washers, might do nothing but it seems like it might quell some of the rattling. Will update with the final conclusion, maybe for the weekend. Not that I will be riding a Shovel in 94 degree heat with high humidity, unless maybe I get out at night!!!!
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    you will worry yourself to death , chasing noises and oil leaks …..its old iron and you will never get it to perform like a new MC . you got to settle with a reliable machine that will get you home ! JMHO

  4. Re: FLH Shifter Lever Bushing

    Try a spring washer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jorrow View Post
    Try a spring washer.
    I saw one on line but no diagram as to where it gets installed.
    1946 WL Solo
    1970 FLH
    1991 Sportster XLH
    1997 Wide Glide FXDWG
    2005 Road Glide FLTRI

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    It was almost 100 degrees on my Island this weekend, so I stayed in the basement to get the shifter back together on Saturday. Bushing went in no problem, the Colony replacement was a good fit, did not need to be reamed. The nylon washers from J&P were also a good fit, one large for the motor side and a smaller one for under the shifter, not bad for $1.99. Got it all back together and all of the slop was gone!!!!

    Sunday morning as the Sun was still coming up I took her for a highway ride at 6:45 AM, and to my surprise the rattle was no more. Shifter operates nice and smooth, nylon washer really helped to take up some of the space. With the bushing, zerk fitting and washers I think I am under $20 and one rattle is gone. Thanks to all for the advise, and for anyone reading this, yes you can make the annoying shifter rattle go away.

    Quick picture at the Port Jefferson boat ramp before the Sun made it an un-rideable day. Did give her a bath when I got home, it was too hot for that even. Oh well, better then the white stuff.

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    1946 WL Solo
    1970 FLH
    1991 Sportster XLH
    1997 Wide Glide FXDWG
    2005 Road Glide FLTRI

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