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Thread: Is this a Harley R series shift drum?

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    Is this a Harley R series shift drum?

    Good morning,
    I would appreciate help identifying this shift drum. It looks similar to Harley R series, but look at the pictures and compare them to Harley because they are different. I do not know what it fits.
    The overall length is 2.510" , overall diameter is 2.245" , the round hole is .625" and square hole is .437", the slots are .315" average.
    Thank you,
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    Re: Is this a Harley R series shift drum?

    The pictures are an early #2243-33 shifting cam, it will work with any '33-'37 reverse and '35-'37 solo 45 tranny.
    There were three versions of this part, but the part nos. never changed.
    Also, there were 2 versions of the #2235-33 gear shifter shaft.
    The later parts were improvements providing better access to gear shifter shaft nut and lock washer with larger shifter cam and shaft mating surfaces.

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    Re: Is this a Harley R series shift drum?

    Thank you for your reply. I have had the part for many years and could not recall if I ever tried to fit it in a transmission.
    I appreciate your time.
    Thank you,

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