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  1. Carby backfire

    Hi I have a 1981 fx lowrider and at around 55mph it back fires though the carby I have a S&S super e on it and have fold the user guide to set up . Iam starting to wonder if it is backfiring due to some other problem now and not the carby .

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    1946 FL (some assembly required)
    1969 Sportster just parts
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    Re: Carby backfire

    You know... Like shrimps on the barby!

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    Re: Carby backfire

    Definitely sounds like timing to me too.

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    Re: Carby backfire

    Check your wiring around the key switch and coil. You may have a short that likes to show up at 55.

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    Change your intermediate jet. Sounds lean. Spray some gas around the intake nipples and carb -manifold mount, could be an air leak. What do the plugs show?? Could be several things. Did it run OK before carb install?

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    Re: Carby backfire

    "Spray some gas around the intake nipples and carb -manifold mount, could be an air leak"

    Better have your fire extinguisher handy when you try this!

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    Re: Carby backfire

    water is a much safer intake leak detector.a drop in each place will tell a lot.Gas !Hell no..HD says to use water on FI systems right in the service manuals.

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