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Thread: Big Twin Inline Springer Rear legs

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    Big Twin Inline Springer Rear legs

    Have #6 front legs and correct rockers for 41 BTSV springer. Still looking for a decent set of rear rigid legs. Also, have been advised that I can convert WL rear legs for this purpose. Anybody have contact info for somebody that does this kind of conversion? Is it safe and worth the money? OR would I be better off using a set of after market rear legs? I have an older repop front end from VTwin that I have bought back in 2002. Fits and runs out OK.

    Thanks for any advise available.

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    Re: Big Twin Inline Springer Rear legs

    All you need are the conversion neck bearing cups you can buy from V-Twin. The 45 rear fork is essentially identical in all except a 7/8" neck. The cups and bearings make up for the undersized neck and you bolt it together. No downsides.
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    Re: Big Twin Inline Springer Rear legs

    Sent you a PM but your box is full. PM me when you make some space. I have you a '41 rear leg. Seadub

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