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Thread: Why we do what we do... (Video Link)

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    Re: Why we do what we do... (Video Link)

    My sons head went into the door pillar of a Toyota Highlander at 22 MPH. The helmet cracked. His brain is damaged and he is paralyzed. At 22 MPH. At what point does a helmet become worthless? Experts in court testified that a helmet will only protect you in an impact of less than 12 MPH.
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    Re: Why we do what we do... (Video Link)

    Helmets do more for road rash than impact. That's horrible about your son Chris. I hate to hear that.
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    Re: Why we do what we do... (Video Link)

    In 1982 I was hit head on by a drunk driver who was attempting to pass a car in the curve I was going the opposite direction into. 100MPH crash, me 35, him 65+ and no skid marks, full speed into me. After tearing the handlebars, fairing and radio off with my legs i continued another 40 feet airborne and came down on my head. My high quality helmet saved my life (and it didn't break!) A back fracture and herniated discs torment me to this day but I am alive. My FLT didn't fare too well.

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    Re: Why we do what we do... (Video Link)

    Quote Originally Posted by BONZ View Post
    you forgot the airbags

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    Re: Why we do what we do... (Video Link)

    Quote Originally Posted by Rubone View Post
    I'm with Sarge on this, and I always wear a helmet, a full face one at that. Hell, I wear all the gear, armored pants, jackets, etc. No point in even pretending with the stupid beanie type helmets. But it is a choice and his right. And the "burden on society" argument is BS.
    The video appealed to me at many levels. His interaction with his kids was typically Hawaiian/Polynesian as to family interaction. I'm glad I saw it and felt it was worth sharing.
    I totally agree with you and Sarge Robbie.

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    Thanks for posting the clip,enjoyed it heap’s gonna show my family tonight after dinner..

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    Re: Why we do what we do... (Video Link)

    I hear what you are saying robbie, on june 8th 1996, i stopped beside i 64 in ky to put a rain suit on, a lady flying hydro planed and hit me sitting still, crushed the right side of my helmet, only broken jaw and shoulder knocked out of place, completely desroyed my 89 ultra, i have pictures somewhere, larry

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