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Thread: Ridgy Didge intro

  1. Ridgy Didge intro

    Hi guys,i'm new so this is my intro.I'm from Perth,West Australia.Had a 1943 Wlc which had a fair amount of repo parts but was reliable and fun to ride.
    Sold that a few years ago to finish a hot rod build.
    Hoping to get myself a BTSV this time around,i'm thinking i'v set myself a tuff task as i think there are only around half dozen maybe in my state?
    I have been cramming in information off this forum which is amazing in content and getting more motivated.Cheers

    My old Wlc

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    Re: Ridgy Didge intro

    Welcome Ridgy, I am not a 45 guy but wish I was, my father had been a Canadian supply guy tasked with disposing of excess still crated WLC’s back when I was a teen and of course I had no interest! Could of, should of...right? Yours looked nice! Hope you find a new project!


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    Re: Ridgy Didge intro

    Never give up the hunt. Any motorcycle, or mtcy. part you want is out there. It's all about detective work, money, motivation, and networking with knowledgeable people. CAIMAG has the smartest vintage American motorcycle enthusiasts I have come across., so this is the place to be. Oh Yeah, welcome Ridgy Didge.

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    Re: Ridgy Didge intro

    Welcome aboard!!!!!

  5. Re: Ridgy Didge intro

    Thanks for the welcome paddy.
    Dablaze, just 1 of those 45’s would be great right.Wonder if they still turn up.
    Family friend of ours bought a late 70’s Triumph Bonny still in crate 2 years ago.Looked at it for 6 month’s deciding whether to keep it like that.In the end he said “i love restoring Triumph’s” .He put it together, started it once and then sold it to a collector in NZ.
    Axeric,thank you for taking the trouble to post, I appreciate your advice.I have already been amazed by the knowledge and passion on this site.

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    Re: Ridgy Didge intro

    Welcome aboard, i agree any part or bike is out there, just dont ever give up looking, this is the best forum also, many on here with tons of knowledge and are willing to share it, thanks and good luck, larry

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    Re: Ridgy Didge intro

    welcome aboard

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    Re: Ridgy Didge intro

    Welcome aboard. I lusted after my 47UL for about 13 years while it was on display at my job, until one day I was able to purchase it. Hopefully you don't have to wait that long until you find one. Good luck with your search, instagram is a good way to find bikes these days.
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  9. Re: Ridgy Didge intro

    Thanks Larry,Rags and Pwojnar.I have been reading your threads,you guys have some cool bikes.

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