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Thread: Harley sidecar frame

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    Harley sidecar frame

    Years ago I acquired a sidecar/package truck frame with a 46el. The frame is for a single downtube frame but was mounted to the 46 with some adapters. The wheel was rusted away but there was still a stepped star hub attached. I may be way off base but I am thinking this frame must be from 1935 because that was the first year for the star hub and the last year of the single downtube big twin. I removed the star hub, brake backing plate and axle. The rest of the frame has been in my way for over 15 years. My storage space has shrunken recently and the frame has got to go. I have tripped over it and moved it for the last time. My back and patience have seen better days. It has been modified to some degree back in the day and one leaf spring is broken. Thought I'd post it to see if there is any interest. It goes to the scrapyard tomorrow. Let me know asap if you need it and can come get it in ND soon. Thanks. JOHN LINDEMANN

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    Re: Harley sidecar frame

    Hi John, If it has factory mounts to adapt to the twin tube frame they are worth something. The single tube frame still existed in '36 alongside the new Knucklehead frame, used on the VLH. I'd take it but it is too far away from me and would cost more to get it than it is worth. Hopefully someone can use it and steps up.
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    Re: Harley sidecar frame

    That's right, I forgot about the 36V models. I can't find the numbers on it. I did save the mounts. Thanks for the reply.

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    Re: Harley sidecar frame

    Have you looked on the tube that runs perpendicular to the bike? The one that crosses the frame from side to side.
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    Re: Harley sidecar frame

    Yes, I have. There are some areas of rust pitting on the cross tube. I am thinking maybe the rust has erased the number. Thanks for the reply.

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    Re: Harley sidecar frame

    If You Post A Picture Of It Someone Just Might Bite On It.

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