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Thread: shovelhead solenoid problem

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    Re: shovelhead solenoid problem

    I don't believe the weights are frozen,'cause she kicks over and starts. Installing a new bendix today, as the ground idea didn't address the problem. Thanks to all for your help.

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    Re: shovelhead solenoid problem

    As a side note..I have installed AGM batteries in shovels with alternators & high output generators[cycle electric & hitachi sporty].Even the 310 amp little FXE batteries will wake up these rube goldberg starting systems.Better pull in from solenoid & faster crank start than the old lead acid battery.Do you have an aftermarket outer cover?look closely at the starter shaft wear & the inner & outer bearings on the shaft...I stock those for a reason.

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    Re: shovelhead solenoid problem

    Just installed the new Bendix gear and left the fellow I was helping to button the bike back up. When I had the jackshaft out, The old Bendix gear was sloppy on the shaft (worn bushing), but the bearing surfaces on either end were OK.The gear assembly itself was tired, as I could turn the gear in both directions if I put a little pressure on it. Will update everyone when the guy either calls me cryin' again, or rides over to see me!

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    Re: shovelhead solenoid problem

    The new Bendix gear did the trick. Thanks to all for your input!

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