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Thread: shovelhead solenoid problem

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    shovelhead solenoid problem

    Did some tranny repair to this '69 over the winter. Tried starting it a few days ago, and the starter would engage for a second or so, and then the solenoid would kick out. Thought maybe the battery was to blame, so I bought and charged up a new one, but the same thing occurred. Just put a new solenoid in, and the same thing is happening. The starter gear will engage long enough to roll the motor maybe a half-turn, but then the magnet in the solenoid seems to lose power and the gear disengages. BTW, I tested the old solenoid out of the bike, and it passed both pull-in and stay-in. Any insight?

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    Re: shovelhead solenoid problem

    I had a starter housing crack once that caused a similar issue. All seemed to work well then would stick.


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    Re: shovelhead solenoid problem

    Add an additional ground strap before you buy anything else.

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    Re: shovelhead solenoid problem

    It has one that runs between a regulator stud on the battery box and a stud on the kicker cover. Where would the one you're suggesting be attached?

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    does it kick over with ease ? try taking the plugs out and see if it still kicks out ...something could be hanging up and causing severe battery drain , the lowered voltage will cause the solenoid to kick out . let us know what you find out.

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    Re: shovelhead solenoid problem

    Actually, I removed the primary cover and pulled the plugs. Then I stuck a live center into the end of the jackshaft (to keep it in place), and then I hit the starter button. Rolled over well and kicked out well. But you're right, I should probably pull the plugs with everything together and see if it works. Still not sure about the first answer, where to run a ground wire. I could jerryrig one up and hook it to one of the bolts that holds the solenoid on, and then run a jumper to the motor somewhere just as an experiment.

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    Re: shovelhead solenoid problem

    Quote Originally Posted by omar1951 View Post
    It has one that runs between a regulator stud on the battery box and a stud on the kicker cover. Where would the one you're suggesting be attached?
    From the battery neg. to one of the solenoid mounting bolts

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    Re: shovelhead solenoid problem

    I would take a look at the Bendix drive unit. When the internal springs are damaged they won't keep it engaged under the load of starting. Pull the plugs and try it. I also took a old broken primary outer cover and I cut the corner off of it that supports the starter drive area. You can bolt on just the piece that supports the drive and then observe what is going on.

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    Re: shovelhead solenoid problem

    I have a chunk of an old primary I used for just this purpose. It's just the top section. The rest was chopped off. It's a great tool!


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    Re: shovelhead solenoid problem

    I second the Bendix comment. When they go bad, they'll only engage for a moment before kicking out. Check the advance weight mechanism in the timer, make sure the weights aren't frozen in the advanced position.

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