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Thread: 1946 FL Finally got a knuck

  1. 1946 FL Finally got a knuck

    Hello all, I am a sign maker by trade and been living in Northern Virginia all my life. I've been wanting a knucklehead since I was 14 back in 1971. A neighbor let me assist in assembling his chopper, that was new-school back then. I helped him get it running so he allowed me to be the first to ride it, damn; Raked-out extended twisted springer front end, Z bars, spring loaded suicide clutch, ratchet top shifter, Pontiac pistons and Chevy valves. What a hoot driving that for about half a mile, parked it, then went home to change underwear.
    47 years later, finally got a knuck. Needed some work but not upside down. Being mechanically inclined helps me ride it every good weather day. I rebuilt the trans, and the engine was done by Pete Hill, a great man. Yesterday I replaced the front suspension springs, spring rods, bushings and shock, what a nice ride improvement that made.
    Anyway, still have a lot to learn and appreciate all the knowledge people in this group are willing to share.

    Magoo20190511_075645 small.jpg
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    Re: 1946 FL Finally got a knuck

    Good for you!!! You got some photos of the machine?

  3. Re: 1946 FL Finally got a knuck

    Quote Originally Posted by paddy View Post
    Good for you!!! You got some photos of the machine?
    20190511_075645 small.jpg20190511_075645 small.jpgAs requested

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    Re: 1946 FL Finally got a knuck

    ice one Magoo. Northern Va , W-l or Yorktown ?

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    Re: 1946 FL Finally got a knuck

    wow, that's a nice looking bike. Congrats
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    Re: 1946 FL Finally got a knuck

    Nice looking Knuck

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    Re: 1946 FL Finally got a knuck

    Very nice bike, congrats! And a fellow sign maker to boot! I used to work for Gerber.


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    Re: 1946 FL Finally got a knuck

    welcome aboard

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