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Thread: Timken Bearing Question

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    Timken Bearing Question

    In the process of replacing the steering head bearings on my Pan, i dropped in to my local bearing supply company and purchased the correct bearings (Timken 07100) and matching races (Timken 07196). However, after removing the old races and pressing in the new ones, i notices on the back of the boxes, there were different numbers at the bottom, as highlighted in the following picture.


    The first 3 boxes have 12F on them, the last one has 03H, could these be country of manufacture codes?

    As the races are already pressed in, i can't read what is on the outside of them unless i pull them out.

    I then started looking at the bearings and there are etched part numbers on the face "07100" but there are also a Prefix/Suffix after the part number, as seen in the following photo, can anyone shed light on what these mean? I was thinking they may use the same bearing for different applications?


    I did a search of the Timken website and found this document but cannot see them in this document.

    I contacted Timken USA asking them what they mean but did not receive a reply. I then called the bearing supply company i purchased them from, the guy had no clue what they mean. Anyone know?
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    Re: Timken Bearing Question

    Do the bearings fit the races? Do they fit where the old ones were? I've used 01700 & 07196 on front ends for years, they all fit, worked perfectly. Believe those numbers have something to do with or where they were manufactured. I think you getting too far into the weeds with worrying about those other numbers. Grease the bearings, put the front end back together, and RIDE! Have fun. Doc

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    Re: Timken Bearing Question

    Thanks for the reply Doc. They do seem to fit, thought i would query the different numbers before i press the bearing on, just to make sure.

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