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Thread: Quality Aftermarket Exhaust

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    Quality Aftermarket Exhaust

    I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation for some quality aftermarket exhaust for my 52 panhead bobber? I remember some recommendations about Dennis Corso, but i think it is now The Gasbox. I was also looking at!98277!US!-1 Does anyone have any experience with Deluxe HD Restorations?

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    Re: Quality Aftermarket Exhaust

    Deluxe HD Restorations is a great guy and an AMCA member, he can give you good recommendations on exhaust systems he might sell, however he is not a manufacturer (that I am aware of)

    I have heard of Dennis Corso I. A positive light as well.

    Would be cool to hear what folks have to say.


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    I've used Corso with good luck.

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    GasBox is making the exhaust that Corso did in the past. I've bought several pieces from Gasbox and am overall pretty happy with them. I bought the pieces I needed bare metal so I can paint them.
    Knuckle front pipe - fit like a glove, has good engagement in head and factory squish with no modifcations
    Knuckle rear pipe - fits very well, it is missing the the kink near the bottom of the pipe (bends are more precise) seen in most aftermarkets. Compared with the same chrome pipe I bought from Carl Olsen it is pretty much exactly the same
    Y Pipe - Claims to be all new manufacturing process, fits well. I'm not sure how close to original it is but it is vastly different than the VTwin Replica Y Pipe I have that fits great on my 52.
    Seamed Muffler is very nice

    I would buy all the pieces again. I would check their websites prices versus HD Restorations and purchase from the cheaper. Pretty sure HD Rest pieces are GasBox.

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    So Corso no longer makes early exhaust?

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    Re: Quality Aftermarket Exhaust


    Dennis Corso sold the the exhaust business to Gasbox and Billy Balcer from the Cleveland, OH. area bought the rest of his business. Billy has an independent HD shop and it might be a while until he gets things rolling again.


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    Re: Quality Aftermarket Exhaust

    Thanks for the replies. I ended up going with the pipes from Deluxe HD Restorations. I will give you guys an update when i get them. Again thanks for the input guys.

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    Re: Quality Aftermarket Exhaust

    Just a quick update. I received my pipes. They are very well made. Very happy with them. I had new spigots on my heads so i had to slightly expand the flanges as to be expected. Overall a great addition to my build.

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