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Thread: question on numbers

  1. question on numbers

    So I am looking at this 57 Pan. The only numbers I can locate are in the pictures. Seems pretty sketchy to me but I admittedly know next to nothing Also he wants 15k for it and that seems out of line for what it is. Any info is appreciated.
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    Re: question on numbers

    Run away. That bike is as original as Pamala Andersons tits.

  3. Re: question on numbers

    Quote Originally Posted by rob View Post
    Run away. That bike is as original as Pamala Andersons tits.
    Yeah that's what I was thinking thanks... Her tits on the other hand.. 
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    Re: question on numbers

    Are your hands big enough??
    Friends help friends move,
    Real friends help friends move bodies!

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    Re: question on numbers

    Welcome to the forum. Aftermarket crankcases.

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    Re: question on numbers

    Hi Greg!
    Glad you took my one bit of advice (that I KNOW is good advice!) and engaged this board.
    These guys are the absolute best and smartest around.

    Glad Rubone/Rob/SBT and company reiterated my thoughts for you on this being considered a custom vs. anything "original".

    Sorry I could not help you out more, as this move has had me all consuming.

    (...And sorry to the board for being absent of late. Have not had time to breathe the past 3 months.)

    Hope it works out for you, Man!
    If you decide against this one, keep looking.
    You will love owning a Pan, and the board will be happy to help you out.

    (Oh... If anyone in the Twin Cities needs painting done, call Greg... He is the best in the business!)
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    Re: question on numbers

    It looks to be a nice custom built with good parts. It will always be a custom and not an original. If you are looking for a nice ride this may be it.
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    Re: question on numbers

    One benefit of buying an original is that (although the condition may not be as it appears or has been represented) you know what's inside. The 1957 exploded parts diagram will exactly match the internals.
    With anything else it's a box of chocolates.

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    Re: question on numbers

    Just curious, how is it titled ? What number is on the title, as far as an Engine, / Vin Number ??

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  10. Re: question on numbers

    Thanks for the help Dan. I started another thread on a 62 that i came across. Nlooks like a much better prospect

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